Partner Registration

Register as partner to not only take advantage of the prospect of growing your business and connecting drivers to passengers through our booking system but take advantage of the benefits of ChauffeurCaller Club too.

How it works

All you need to do is to equip your smart phone with the ChauffeurCaller Driver app. At this point you are just a click away from viewing all required details at your fingertips. Claim the contentment and pleasure in taking the passengers from the airport or a hotel to their destination.

Our easy to use driver app offers a simple method for viewing and accepting jobs. All details of the job are presented. Our 24-hour call centre ensures if there are any difficulties you can always reach a member of our team for support. Access our partner portal to review completed rides and view new offers too.

All rides are planned in advance, which is great for all parties involved, this means you can plan your schedule for a more flexible working week. Crosscheck your schedule through the partner portal or app to see a full list of your planned journeys. See when a job clashes with another schedule job, Using filters select the type of job you want and the ideal time.

ChauffeurCaller provides an efficient method of invoicing allowing you a comprehensive break down on drivers’ earnings each month. Complicated invoicing is a thing of the past with ChauffeurCaller, for a more detailed overview of our payment and invoicing procedures.

Why ChauffeurCaller?

Expand your business with ChauffeurCaller

ChauffeurCaller standards and procedure help facilitate business growth. We have identified the factors which can slow growth in this sector and have sought to eliminate these and implement growth strategies in our ChauffeurCaller system. For a presentation on the ChauffeurCaller system for interested affiliates contact us on

Operate with the highest standards

We provide training materials and a dedicated support team for all of our partners. Our partner portal will contain updates and general information for you to access at any time

Fusion of practicality and technology

Dispatching, communication and updates have never been simpler. The ChauffeurCaller system is not only a technological ideal but a practical one too. Its simplicity and user-­‐friendly use ensures a wonderful experience using the ChauffeurCaller system.